Tuesday Sports Science/Street Soccer

Here we will look to target key areas such as agility, balance and coordination, all of which are essential attributes throughout many sports. The sessions are delivered in a fun and engaging way through the use of games and competitions. The Sport Science section usually runs for about half of the session and once this is finished the players get a chance to utilise their movement training in a street soccer game situation!

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Days: Tuesday
Time: 17:45-19:15
Price: £7.50/child (£5 for members)
Sibling Price: £6.75/child (10% discount)
Ages: 5-16 years

Our sessions are for players of all abilities and the coaches have planned every day to build upon existing skillsets. Most importantly though, for everyone to have fun.

With links to professional and semi-professional clubs, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with Players Elite Academy.