Players Elite Academy has been set up in the Gillingham area by professional players whose roots are in the area. It will provide top class coaching to children aged 4-12, through F.A. recognised coaching methods, challenges and activities.

Whilst coaching is high quality, we want the children to have fun whilst learning and improving. All three of the players want the children to have fun, whilst learning, and are really looking to give something back to the grass roots that has allowed them to enjoy their careers.

We are absolutely delighted and honoured to have welcomed Chris Coleman to PEA. It is testament to how highly Chris views Players Elite that he put aside time in his busy schedule to spend time with us.

Introducing PlayFootball Gillingham, the new of home Players Elite Academy. Address: London Rd, Rainham, Gillingham, ME8 7RJ

New & Improved : Changes for the 2018/2019 Academy Season

New Day (Wednesday)

We have decided to switch days to Wednesday’s so that Andy, Chris and Damian can be there as regularly. This is generally their day off and offers the best chance of them being at the sessions which is major for everyone involved! They are all very dedicated to Players Elite Academy and are really looking forward to being able to be there much more!

New Ages (4-12 years)

Last year we ran for ages 5-16 and found that a change was needed. The new ages should allow for more members to join us and for us to better cater to the age groups. Also, we are planning on that as we grow and the kids grow with us, we can up the ages at the end of the year to allow for the older children to continue to attend our academy.

New Times (17.20-18.50)

While still offering the full 1hour 30min session, the time has been changed slightly to start 25mins earlier than the previous sessions. We understand this may make it harder for some to get there but this is what worked best for us and Play Football and we do hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to anyone.

Termly Session Plans

This is a big one for us, we are going to focus on certain topics per term. Not only will this help us to make sure the children are really taken in what we are teaching, it will also allow us to make sure we cover the topic as best we can.

Termly Player Profile Updates

This is something that was introduced last year and we want to have a heavier focus on this year. At the end of each term, the children’s player profiles will be updated so you can see their progress through the academy on a much more regular basis.

Members Only (Taster Sessions Available)

Being a members-only academy will help us to really concentrate on the children and make sure we can progress the session plans throughout the year as we will know exactly what level all the children are at.