Players Elite Academy Partners With Total Sports Coaching

We are delighted to announce a partnership with TSC Football Academy which means some exciting changes are ahead for Players Elite Football Academy. The partnership will involve TSC coming in to help with the background running of Players Elite and to allow us to offer more to our players. The coaching staff at Player Elite will not be changing and the centre will still be run by Will, Andy and Chris.

A message from Andy

“We see this an exciting development within players elite and moving forward. After a good first 2 years we are always looking at improving and offering more to the young players in our area. Partnering up with TSC will enable us to do this and we are excited to see the improvements that will take place this season and welcome Seb Tidey and his team to help us out in the background running of the academy.

We have an excellent team already and are always looking to strengthen this and add good people to players elite. As you probably already know William Lee is our new centre manager who will be looking after the academy and growing it throughout the season. We welcome Will to his new role along with Seb Tidey and TSC and thank them all along with Ben Enos and the coaches for all their efforts so far. Giving back to local area and trying to create an environment for the young players to have fun, learn and improve was the objective set out and this will certainly help towards making this happen.”


TSC have been running football academies in East Kent for nearly 10 years and have a huge amount of experience in developing players and creating experiences the players remember for a lifetime. They now run 3 centres and area headed up by a host of top quality coaches.


TSC have a huge amount of contacts with clubs and have been playing a large variety of fixtures in recent times against clubs of different levels. They will be involved in helping us to organise more fixtures, some of these at our centre and some vs pro clubs and other academies.

This process has already begun, with the under 11’s and 12’s being invited to take on Gillingham FC’s Advanced squad in October Half term. As well as this the under 7,8,9 and 10’s age groups have fixtures coming up against one of Gillingham FC’s Development squads in November, we will be getting details out shortly.

TSC will also be bringing teams from one of their 3 centres to us before Christmas for fixtures to celebrate the launch of our partnership.


TSC will take over our kit printing so we can get kit to players quicker. TSC keep all kit printing in house which dramatically reduces waiting times for kits for our players.

The kit will be changing in colour and design due to the partnership. But we are offering a discount for anyone who orders before the 7th of November as we appreciate people have bought kit before.

To order your new kit please visit this link

The cost of the package are reduced as follows (youth size prices shown):

Bronze – Reduced from £45 to £28

Silver – Reduced from £90 to £70

Gold – Reduced from £135 to £110.


TSC organise a tour each year for their players, we will also be invited along on these tours. The list of TSC tours in the previous years include Barcelona, Holland and Belgium. TSC are again visiting Barcelona in 2020.

Our players will be invited on these tours which will be organised by TSC to represent Players Elite, they will still be taken by Players Elite staff. TSC have been organising these tours for 7 years and have a great track record in running the events, which will be great experiences for all at Players Elite.


TSC are headed up by Seb Tidey who is a UEFA A licence qualified coach, with experience working in professional club academies in England and abroad for the last 8 years. He is also tutor for the FA, working with coaches on their Level 1, 2 and UEFA B licences. Seb will be involved throughout the year on the development of our coaching staff, as well as reviewing and helping to improve our current coaching programme.

There will also be a lot of sharing of information and best practice between TSC and Players Elite, to help improve how we develop our players.

There will be more announcements soon and if you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected]

For anyone wishing to check out more about TSC you can visit their website or their social media pages.

A message from Seb

“We are really excited about working alongside Players Elite and the talented football players in the Medway area. After meeting with Andy and Chris it was clear to see their passion for developing the local talent and providing opportunities for the players at Players Elite.

We are looking forward to helping Players Elite develop their academy and see this as a great opportunity to work in the Medway area. We aim to improve what is already a great academy by helping to organise more fixtures and tours, creating opportunities and experiences for the players that they will remember for a lifetime.

We couldn’t turn down the chance to work with two players with such great experience in the professional game, who care about the development of young football players in the area. We are also looking forward to working with the excellent coaches who show a huge commitment to developing themselves and the players at the academy”

 I hope that this email has given you an insight into how we are progressing Players Elite and if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Best Wishes,

Andrew Crofts

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